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The Wait at a Station December 13, 2009

Posted by schiltec in user-friendliness.
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Graffiti affected shelters and abuse from passing motorists


15min wait in sweltering heat, no drink, graffiti and vandal affected shelter. Unruly other aspiring passengers and even passers-by posing as aspiring passengers. Possibly no internet available. No personal safety at night.

User-friendliness observation:

Maybe 50% of the time inconvenient to unacceptable.

User-friendliness verdict


Other incompatibilities:



Systems exist where you pay the fare and then have access to air-conditioned wait with background music, internet access and refreshment purchase facility. The wait is supervised and entirely night safe. The venue is vandal unaffected and filth free.


1. l_blue_l - December 15, 2009

OMG hahahaha you cant even get the facts right for the GCRT system. it is 7-8 min wait and there is no reason there couldn’t be air conditioning, internet access, refreshments and safe venue for passengers. The only thing ever stopping them is the cost involved which would be the same for WaveRail or light Rail.

2. schiltec - December 21, 2009

The GCRT project team has not so far chosen an operator and thus no service intervals are set. The 7-8min given by the project team are promotional and not meant to be used for calculations.

15min is our estimate of a realistic average service time. It is likely that initially the peak schedule would be more frequent but it is expected to soon yield to economic realities.

Like anywhere in the world there is every reason that there is no air-conditioning in the tram shelters.

Waverail cars are air-conditioned by default and there is no ‘additional costs’ to providing air-conditioning for waiting passengers.

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