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Capacity Issues December 13, 2009

Posted by schiltec in Capacity, user-friendliness.
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Crush loading and special station events inconvenience passengers

a) regular peak time


In peak time, trams may be crush loaded.

User-friendliness observation:

Crush loading is considered offensive by many.

User-friendliness verdict



Use a system that limits loading to 85% of crush load.  Such systems exist but have
not been used with GCRT style fixed capacity trams.
b) special events


In extraordinary station events (fireworks, sports events, etc), capacity becomes insufficient and some aspiring passengers cannot get transportation. Peak capacity is the issue. Trams are constant capacity systems.  Capacity is too high when not needed and too low for special station events.

User-friendliness observation:

Special event capacity is too low and many people cannot get transportation.

User-friendliness verdict


Other incompatibilities:

Quantities of frustrated stranded passengers can pose a crowd  problem.   Leaving passengers behind is a lost revenue opportunity.  Leaving passengers behind will need busses to be mobilised. Leaving passengers behind creates chaotic motor traffic on the congested roads around the special event.


There are systems which, by using dynamic capacity allocation provide
three times the peak capacity of traditional trams


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