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Waverail – a 21st Century Tram System December 11, 2009

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The technology was unavailable when GCRT was conceived

Waverail - a 21st century, dynamic capacity, Light Rail systemWaverail is a 21st century tram system using dynamic capacity allocation, in other words it couples carriages on and off while travelling.  This advanced feature brings to Waverail substantial advantages across the board while suffering only minor down sides. Waverail has one ‘maitre de cabin’ in every car who among other duties reports to the computers how many passengers are on board and how many want to board.

Waverail is an Australian developed dynamic capacity system. In the form of road based light rail it operates at 39 – 45km/h. But Waverail’s main home turf will be the increase of capacity of underground lines and networks. With such breakthrough it would become a significant Australian export earner.

View a 28s video here showing how Waverail couples and uncouples carriages while travelling 

Read all about the advantages of Waverail here

Read all the news about Waverail here

Q&A about Waverail is here

View here an advanced video on how, using Waverail, Gold Cost can build a rapid transport network

Read here how already 151 years ago in Britten they uncoupled carriages while travelling



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