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Traditional Trams Perform Badly

Dynamic capacity systems are here to make a big difference

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This site shows just how marginal traditional tram performance is.

It also shows how dynamic capacity systems can bring to the Gold Coast:

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1. schiltec - December 15, 2009

by PC (Name supplied) 15Dec09 on LinkedIn

Have you seen a copy of the tender specification?
You’r correct, 24km/h is not fast for LRT; who are the other bidders? OHL unsightliness can be avoided using APS track inductance.


schiltec - December 16, 2009

No, we do not have the tender specification. An operator would have access to the data room, as this bid is operator led. It is a bid for an operator franchise and a tram system provider must be part of such arrangement/consortium.

There is no indication as to whether or not an effort was made to use APS tack inductance to overcome overhead the wiring sore. Possibly overhead wiring generates more local construction jobs and is cheaper than buying an overseas technology out of the box?

2. schiltec - December 15, 2009

by XY (Nickname supplied), Locomotive Driver on Railpage Australia(TM) Forum Trams & Light Rail on 15 Dec09

I believe this is yet another spam post by the promoter of WaveRail which has nothing crediable to support there clams of the WaveRail technology. Until there is don’t believe a single word that is said.

3. schiltec - December 15, 2009

by XY (Name supplied) email from a social network 14Dec09
exerpt only:

This is an interesting concept but …

I do believe your concept would have much more value on an urban passenger transport network though such as Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.

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